Summer Protection for Your Phone

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Summer usually means hot, dry weather that makes spending time by the water sound ideal. But if you’re planning on hitting up a waterpark, the beach, or just your backyard pool, you may want to consider getting some protection for your phone.

Smartphones, Water, and Waterproof Cases

Smartphones don’t handle water well, as we all know, and there’s probably more of a chance your phone will get soaked during the summertime than the winter just because of the odds of probability. However, waterproof phone cases do exist that can help deflect wetness from your phone and keep your info safe and dry.

Pretty much every large retail store, including Target and Best Buy, will sell you a waterproof phone case, and many people choose to buy one online from Amazon or eBay. It could be a good idea to put in some research about which option is the best. In general, though, there are some things to be aware of when searching for a waterproof case.

  • Most waterproof phone cases are on the more expensive side. Yes, there are cheaper options, but many times, these end up being pouches you can keep your phone in rather than a case that will allow you to use your phone and keep it dry at the same time.
  • Different cases will protect your phone differently. For example, you may find one case that promises to protect your phone whether it is lightly sprinkled or fully submerged in water while another will only offer to protect it from minimal water damage. Read the fine print.
  • You may have a hard time hearing people if you try to talk on your phone when it is in its waterproof case. Sometimes these cases can muffle the sound quality of your speaker.

Do Waterproof Cases Work?

Waterproof cases have been proven to be helpful in a crisis, but you shouldn’t expect one of them to protect your phone from a hurricane. For the most part, they aren’t incredibly reliant and vary widely in their ability to protect your phone from different types of water damage. It’s better to tread lightly when using your phone in a place where it could interact with water and to always test your waterproof phone case before using it.

Does Your Phone Have Water Damage?

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