Strange MacBook and iPad encounters of the liquid kind

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Spilled coffee is a particularly common type of liquid threat to some of our favorite devices and laptops. However, many MacBooks have made contact with liquids of a stranger variety. Washington Times contributor John LaLoggia recently offered two stories about MacBooks put out of commission by martinis and ramen noodles, respectively.

There are also cases in which iPhone or iPad users might intentionally add liquid to their devices without knowing that they are damaging them. In a column for iMore, contributor Allyson Kazmucha recently detailed how, contrary to what some may believe, WD-40 is not a solution to fix problems occurring with a device's home button, and it may cause further damage to either an iPhone or iPad.

“Do not – repeat – do NOT put WD-40 or any such substance in your iPhone or iPad – it won't permanently fix your Home button and may, in fact, damage it far worse,” Kazmucha wrote. “The idea that repeatedly squirting WD-40 into your iPhone or iPad Home button could fix responsiveness began floating around the internet last month and has gotten some attention – that needs to be stopped immediately.”

Leave the WD-40 to those squeaky screen doors and step away from the iPhone. For any problems you may be having with your device, iResQ's iPad, MacBook, iPod and iPhone repair services can resolve it.

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