Staying safe on your Apple devices

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Having multiple iOS devices in addition to a MacBook would, in theory, make it harder to manage all your digital belongings across devices, but iCloud is a huge help. As iCloud enables you to see the same photos on your iPad and your Mac, or work on the same papers, it also means that it's more important to keeping track of everything. You want to ensure that your stuff is safe and viewable only to people you trust.

Adjusting the appropriate privacy settings can usually help in this respect, stated GigaOM contributor Geoffrey Goetz. On both iOS and Mac, some apps can request access to your location, photos and contacts. You can grant or deny them access to these services, either when they first request it or later on by checking the privacy settings. In iOS, these toggles can be found in the Settings app, while in OS X you'll need to check Security and Privacy under System Preferences. IOS 6 and OS X 10.8 are required to use these settings.

Although iOS only permits apps from Apple's App Store to be installed, Mac apps can be installed either from the Mac App Store or from external sources. By default, a Mac can only download Mac App Store apps and software from identified developers. You can change the default settings, but your device's initial state was set in this way  to help protect your MacBook safe from sketchy apps.

Managing your iOS photos
Photo sharing is also something to keep track of. With iCloud, your photos and events can be published to Photo Stream and shared with friends or family. To check who has access to photos, open the Photos app on your iOS device and select Photo Stream.

Another option for privately managing photos is the free iOS app Viewfinder. TUAW's Mel Martin recently reviewed this app, describing it as a more usable alternative to Photo Stream. If you grant the app access to your contacts and photos, it can arrange all pictures by location and date. Using your contacts, it can also determine which friends have a Viewfinder account. It doesn't share any photos to a website and keeps everything inside the app, which Martin touted as a privacy perk.

Now that your photos and information are safer, what about your iPad or MacBook? Make sure that all your devices are working properly, by bringing them to iResQ for iPad repair or MacBook repair services to fix any problems.

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