Speed it up! Using the iPod to get healthier and run harder

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A great playlist can make all the difference during the last miles of an arduous run. Time's Healthland blog spoke with Dr. Coastas Karageorghis of Brunel University, author of Inside Sport Psychology and an expert on psychophysical and ergogenic effects of music, who said music can add vigor and excitement and can help reduce tension and fatigue during runs. Users with a broken device should look into iPod repair to get back on track (literally).

There are, however, best practices for running with music. Karageorghis told the news source that songs with energizing beats should be selected, people should stick with the songs they know and don't forget to mix it up sometimes.

“Often I digitally adjust tracks to give a little push of one or two beats per minute,” says Karageorghis. “Differences in tempo of up to four beats per minute are indiscernible to non-musicians. You can easily manipulate your favorite tracks slightly. It’s a particularly good ploy if you want to give yourself a little jolt or get out of a training slump.”

According to BuzzFeed, the No. 1 song to run to is Survivor's “Eye of the Tiger,” followed by Justice's “Audio, Video, Disco.” Whether your song of choice is “Born to Run” or “Born this Way,” you can make sure the beat goes on by seeking out iPod repair if your MP3 player decides it doesn't want to run anymore.

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