Some real-life repair scenarios (Part 2)

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In Part 1, we shared the ill-fated smartphone exploits of a Vegas-bound party attendant, an unlucky camper and a really angry man, among several others. But there are literally limitless ways to wind up at a cell phone repair shop, and just when we thought our friends' stories couldn't get any crazier, they did. Without further adieu, here is another round of smartphone debacles that illuminate the utility of having an iPhone repair service just a call away.

  • Anyone who happens to traverse any college campus in the country will realize very quickly that Frozen Yogurt – or “Froyo,” as it's normally termed – holds the kind of enviable appeal that other stores can only dream of. From New Haven to Austin, Texas, froyo reigns supreme. As the Yale Daily News' Harry Graver pointed out, one doesn't have to look hard for a froyo place – there's one around seemingly every corner. Our Chicago-based friend worked at one such store while she was a student at Northern Illinois University. Given the enormous popularity of the frozen yogurt empire, it should come as no surprise that the place she worked at became very dirty by the end of the day. To break up the monotony of endless floor-scrubbing, she'd often find herself flipping open her cellphone and sending texts. That was a choice she came to regret one day when her phone slipped out of her hands and landed squarely in the bucket containing mopping water. But this wasn't clean water – it was all the sludge from the filthy floor. After a resourceful but fruitless attempt to cleanse the phone in rice, the woman was forced to fall back on her old cellphone, a 2004 clunker.
  • With myriad apps out there to help you fix things, the iPhone can be a great companion in targeting repair needs. From home cleaning solutions to gardening strategizing mechanisms, there is literally an app for everything. But a Chicago male learned the hard way that just because an iPhone can help with a repair doesn't mean it should be present when it's happening. The man had decided to use his phone to play a Youtube video explaining a car repair under the hood. To make the repair easier, he placed the phone on the ground next to him and listened to the instructions as he worked under the hood. The good news: He fixed his car. The bad news: In doing so, he managed to forget his phone on the engine block, an oversight he would regret upon later finding the device shattered beyond repair in the middle of a nearby intersection. Sometimes, even an iPhone repair shop can't save a device. This was one of those situations.
  • Little brothers are great and can be very helpful, but before they reach a certain age, it's best not to anoint them a trusty computer repair specialist. Unfortunately, a Chicago woman had little say in the matter. One day when she wasn't in the room, her 5-year-old brother decided to appoint himself cleaner of her computer, and gave it a thorough washing with a big glass of water. Well-intentioned as his attempt doubtless was, he succeeded in turning his big sister's computer into nothing more than a paperweight.
  • As long as we're on the topic of water and computing devices, it is worth pointing out that the two things shouldn't ever really be in the same vicinity. Just because we can't live without either of them doesn't mean they should inhabit the same purse. Unfortunately, a woman in Chicago did not learn that lesson until it was too late. Her Samsung device suffered major damages after a water bottle in her purse leaked, and she ended up having to send the phone in for a Samsung repair
  • For one man we know, the world is his oyster as far as career options go – with the glaring exception of iPhone care specialist. During a trip to a lakefront, the man inexplicably decided that by wrapping his cellphone in a sock he'd be able to fully submerge it in water without fear of damage. Things did not go according to plan, though, and the poor guy found his day at the beach transformed into a day of mourning for a broken cellphone. 

​There are lessons to be gleaned from all of these situations. While we can vouch for the intelligence and general common sense of all the people above, everyone is susceptible to lapses in judgment. But when a phone is involved, that can prove a costly mistake. We advise you to learn from these examples instead of becoming a learning example you​rself. But of course accidents happen, and if they do, we are here to help

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