Some potentially dangerous iPhone situations to avoid

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Every day we're flooded with repair requests, and one thing we notice is that the majority of them happen as a result of highly preventable blunders. Of the products sent to us for repair, the iPhone sits right atop the list. That's because, for most people these days, their iPhone follows them everywhere. Therefore we thought we'd choose to highlight a few common situations that we advise you to avoid to save yourself a trip to the cell phone repair shop:

  • Leaving the phone next to an open window. This is a recipe for disaster, particularly if you have the misfortune of having your phone window-bound on a windy and rainy day. If that's the case, water can easily seep through the screen and onto your phone, potentially necessitating either an iPhone screen replacement or, even worse, damage to its logic board.  
  • Forgetting your phone is in your back pocket. Believe it or not, this has happened to more than one customer, and we can imagine that it's more than a little irritating. To ensure this never happens to you, either reserve your back pocket for the wallet or invest in a sturdy (sitting-proof) case. 
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