Some “Oh Man!” repair moments from our customers

iPhone / General Knowledge

No Apple repair story is a good story. That is, all of them invariably end the same way – with you seeking out the services of a cell phone repair shop or other resource. But sometimes the circumstances by which you find yourself needing a repair are so unfortunate – such an “oh man!” moment – that they deserve retelling. Here are a few of those stories from our customers:

  • In a cruel bit of irony, a California man's device was sent to the repair shop by, of all things, the machine's own power cord. The cord collided with the device's screen, leading to a lack of power. 
  • Another customer – also from California – accidentally put his iPod through the laundry. It emerged needing the kind of cleaning that we here at iResQ can provide.  
  • A Georgia man was watching an in-flight movie when he realized he needed to go to the bathroom. Regrettably, he left the screen partially closed with the headphones between the screen and keyboard. Upon returning to his seat he placed his hand on the screen as he was sitting down, and the resulting pressure left the screen with an imprint of his earpieces. Time for a MacBook screen repair. 
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