Some iPhone situations you may encounter this summer – and how to avoid them

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Where can we go these days without taking our iPhones with us? Let's face it – having a smartphone is about as important as having a belt. Sure, you can do without one, but then you're risking a potentially embarrassing situation happening (as far as we're concerned, missing that planned lunch meeting because you didn't have your phone to remind you is just as devastating as having your pants fall down).

Nobody is denying the utility of having your phone on you at practically all times. But with the full-blown onslaught of summer and the heat it brings, there are a few things that need to be considered with regard to your phone's summertime survival. To help you avoid the need for iPhone repair shops, we've put together a list of common summer-specific scenarios, and adjustments you can make to avoid having any of these situations befall you and your prized device:

Scenario 1: You've taken your iPhone to the beach for a glorious afternoon of soaking up the rays, perhaps bronzing a bit, and, of course, letting the tunes flow through your ears. You know better than to take your phone anywhere near the water, so you've situated yourself at a safe distance, and are enjoying the feel of the sand. After a while you put your iPhone down and remove your book, but when you go back to play music from your phone again, you notice the headphones will no longer fit in the jack, try as you might. 
Avoiding it: You may have succeeded in avoiding water, but sand is not much kinder to Apple devices. What happened is that when you put the device down, grains of sand found their way into the jack, therefore impeding headphone connectivity. Now the single best way to avoid this is to buy a case that covers up these sensitive spots, but if you can't afford one, there's a simple way to clear sand out of the jack: with a Q-tip, as Smartphones explains. Simply insert the Q-tip in the affected area and it should withdraw the sand.

Scenario 2: Much to your annoyance, you're finding that your iPhone's battery life isn't nearly as long as it was when you first purchased it. You observe that the battery drainage is particularly pronounced on those days when you use a couple new apps you've downloaded, both of which require location tracking to be on and also flood you with push notifications all the time. You assume that the problem is the summer heat, which you believe is taxing the battery.
Avoiding it: While excess heat exposure is not advised for the iPhone, this scenario is actually not a summer-specific one. Just like the average employee will be overburdened and therefore perform for shorter periods the more tasks are thrust on him or her, the iPhone works the same way. When your device is flooded with activities to perform – such as sending you endless push notifications and always searching for a Web connection – the battery will drain faster. Apple suggests doing a few things to prolong battery life, including lowering the screen's brightness and switching off push notifications.

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