Some iPhone 5 repairs that should not be carried out in your home

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Here at iResQ, we can't tell you how many repair requests we get from customers that involve do-it-yourself projects gone awry. Sure, it may be tempting to attempt a self-repair of your device, but more often than not it will create new problems instead of solving existing ones. Here are repairs for which you'll want to send the device to iResQ:

  • iPhone 5c vibrate not working: If your phone's vibration isn't working and you've already done the necessary troubleshooting – including adjusting the ringer switch to see if that produces a vibration, restarting it, resetting it and even restoring it – then it's time to send the device in. That's because the requisite repair involves removing the front screen, a process that can easily backfire for those accustomed to the delicate process. 
  • iPhone camera not working: Once again, there are steps you can take at home that pose no risk to the device, such as making sure you haven't accidentally disallowed the camera (Settings > General > Restrictions) and attempting a reset of the device. But if this don't work, the issue likely lies with the hardware, and that's a task best suited for the professionals. 
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