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iPhone volume down button not working? We have the fix for you!

If the volume button on your iPhone suddenly stops working, there could be a major hardware problem or just a small software glitch. Trying these tricks could help you figure out which you’re dealing with.


iPhone Volume Button Not Working Troubleshooting Tips

Reboot it

Turn the iPhone off and on again using the power button. This is the one-size-fits-all trick to try first for just about any problem. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Press up and down

Try pressing the volume control up and down several times, alternating. If this works and gets the volume button going again, it usually indicates a loose connection on the inside of the iPhone. This trick may solve the problem, or it may turn up again and require technical help.

Give it a squeeze

Try holding the iPhone in your right hand with your thumb on the upper right corner and applying a bit of pressure. Do this a couple of times and see if the volume down button starts to work again. This fix may or may not last and also tends to indicate a loose internal connection.

Tap it

Tap the upper left corner of the iPhone against your desk. Obviously, don’t do this hard enough to damage the phone, just tap it gently but firmly.

Try Assistive Touch

This won’t actually fix your problem, but it will allow you to adjust the volume of the iPhone. Go to Settings>General>Accessibility and turn on Assistive Touch. This gives you control over the buttons. Tapping Volume down a few times may actually start your button working again.


If you’re not running the latest iOS, try upgrading your software. If you do have a software problem, this should fix it.

Hard Reset

A hard reset sometimes works. All you have to do is press the power and home buttons down.


If none of the quick fixes can get your volume button working again, you may have a hardware problem that requires professional help. If your iPhone is still under warranty, call Apple or take the device to an Apple Store for assistance.

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