Snap a pic with these iPhone photo apps

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The camera on the iPhone has gotten better and better with each successive version of the device, so it's natural there have been some great applications to fortify the camera along the way. USA Today identified some of these apps that people can use to help them take the best possible pictures. For those who have a broken camera, screen or any buttons that misfire, call up iResQ for iPhone repair and get back to snapping some high quality pictures.

For taking photos, the news source first shouts out the 99-cent Camera+ app, which it said is one of the most popular in the Apple Store.

“I found that it offers the best shooting experience, the most helpful shooting options, and a good set of in-app edits and sharing options,” USA Today said. “It's my camera app of choice, and I usually keep it on my front screen for easy access. One of the best single dollars I've ever spent, except maybe for a winning scratch ticket.”

Those who like to edit photos on their iPhone should take a look at the $4.99 Snapseed, an award winning piece of editing software, the news source said, or ColorStrokes, a 99-cent app that the news source said is a nice addition to a “bag of tricks.”

No matter how good the app is, iPhone photography is likely to suffer if the device has a broken screen or is malfunctioning. It may run to more than a 99-cent app, but iPhone repair is still an affordable option that can quickly have you back to snapping pics.

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