Smartphone Repair

smartphone repair

Nearly everyone relies on their phones for work and play every single day. Our cell phone repair experts offer repairs and replacements for a wide variety of devices, service providers and issues. When you need a smartphone repair, you can trust iResQ to get the job done right.

“Let them fix your phone, you’ll love the service.”

— Lisa Readman, Google review

Smartphone repair services

We repair Apple and Android OS, including iPhone, Samsung, Motorola and Google Pixel. Our most common services include:

  • LCD screen repair
  • Screen replacement
  • Charging port repair
  • Phone battery replacement
  • Water damage resolution
  • Camera replacement
  • Headphone jack repair
  • Software issue diagnosis

Free diagnostic testing

Not sure what’s wrong with your smartphone? Our mobile phone repair services start with a free diagnostic test to figure out exactly what the issue is. Simply send it in and our certified technicians will run a full diagnostic on it for free. 

Overnight turnaround times

Not many of us can be without a smartphone for long. That’s why we offer overnight turnaround times to make sure your devices get back to you as soon as you need them. 

90-day warranty

We know it can be intimidating to send your phone off for a repair, so all our services are backed by a 90-day warranty policy. We promise to make things right if anything goes wrong.

Frequently Asked Smartphone Repair Questions

  • What does a phone screen protector do?

    Screen protectors add an extra layer of protection from the dreaded cracked screen. That way, if you drop your phone, your phone screen protector will hopefully crack before your actual phone screen does. It’s much cheaper to buy a new protector than to replace a broken screen.

  • What is the price for a repair?

    It depends on the make, model and repair. When you browse our repairs, you’ll see up front exactly how much device repair costs for your specific situation.

  • Why is a smartphone repair difficult?

    Some repairs are extremely difficult while others just take time and effort. The most difficult part of a repair is sourcing quality parts. When you work with a licensed repair shop like iResQ, you can trust that their repairs use the best parts and techniques available on the market.

Need a repair?

Schedule your smartphone repair service today! With iResQ, you can mail in your broken computer or drop it off at our Olathe, Kansas, location for fast service and support.

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