Smartphone popularity continues to rise

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If your smartphone is attached to your hip or occupies a permanent spot under your pillow at night in front of you on your desk at work, you're hardly an anomaly these days. A recent industry projection from market intelligence firm IHS iSuppli said that smartphones will outpace feature phones in memory usage by next year, according to ZDNet.

ZDNet cited analysts believe that this transition will most likely be permanent. However, analysts predicted that feature phones will continue to make up a significant portion of flash memory shipments.

“Because feature phones this year will remain the largest segment of the global mobile handset market, they will continue to consume the largest amount of flash memory of any single type of phone,” said Ryan Chien, according to ZDNet. “However, a permanent reversal will ensue next year as smartphones overtake feature phones in total units and flash memory shipments. This illustrates the rising influence of smartphones within technology markets.”

Rising influence, indeed! So, if you're one of the many smartphone lovers who keeps their iPhone safely tucked beneath their pillow at night, and you find it broken after a restless night's sleep, iResQ iPhone repair services can fix the damage and get that smartphone back under your pillow in no time.

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