Smartphone and iPhone Repair for Businesses: Why Insurance Is not Wise  

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 It’s quite comforting for a business to know that there will be a replacement phone readily available when and if something were to tragically happen to their company provided smartphone. However, there are several cons to go with that pro and the mere thought of the cost of expensive just might make you cringe.

High Deductibles

These deductibles that you would have to pay sometimes can be overlooked by the business owner and they may assume that it’s thrown in there with the monthly payment. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. There will always be an additional cost that you must pay to satisfy your deductible before receiving a replacement phone. Usually the process includes filing a claim and paying paying the deductible. The deductible may widely range in price and is based upon the kind of smartphone that needs to be replaced. Prices generally range from $50 to $300.

Keep in mind that businesses may be given the option to obtain their insurance through their cellphone provider or could also go with a third party insurance provider.

Location and Time Hassles

This hangup is always considered to be a nuisance being that we are programmed to be inpatient creatures and despise the thought  of having to wait for anything, especially such a vital part of life, besides, you have a business to run and your employees need their lifelines to keep the business operating smoothly. When dealing with a provider for insurance there is a better chance of having a location local to you, however, with a third party carrier you will most likely have to mail the phone to them and patiently wait for your replacement. Most ship within a couple days up to a week. It solely depends on the company and their policies.

Replacement Phone

In the instance that your damaged phone can’t be replaced, the insurance company always offers to replace the phone. You need to be mindful that when the company replaces the phone that there is a chance that it may not be the same make and model of your previous phone. Sometimes they may even replace your phone with a refurbished phone instead of providing you a brand new one, this cuts the cost for them. There are also companies that will give you money equal to the value of your phone so that you can buy another one.

You really have to weigh your options and consider if insurance would be worth the extra cost for your business. Call iResQ because we have a program especially for businesses to save you money and make sure devices are functioning great for maximum productivity.


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