Smartphone Fails: Damage Stories

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In this technological age, pretty much everyone has a smartphone fail story. Look below to see if one of these has happened to you.

Smartphone in the Toilet

“I was at a public restroom, and my phone was in my back pocket. As I turned to sit down and pull down my jeans, my phone slipped out and fell––right into the toilet. I was mortified of course.”

“My two-year-old son likes to explore and experiment with things. Unfortunately, his new favorite activity is putting things in our toilet at home. First it was his stuffed animals, then his blocks, then my car keys… One day, I left my phone on the couch and went to make us some lunch. And you guessed it. By the time I came back, my phone was in the commode and my son was sitting there smiling at me, so proud of his handiwork.”

Driving Fails

“I was in a rush trying to get out of my house the other day because I was late for a meeting. I put my coffee on the roof of my car and kept telling myself not to forget it like people do in the movies. I didn’t forget my coffee and felt pretty good about myself as I went to drive away… until I realized my phone had been on the roof of the car too.”

“My phone fell out of my back pocket the other day as I was strapping my daughter into her car seat so we could go to the zoo. I didn’t realize it until I got myself in the driver’s seat and started to back out of the driveway. Then I heard a crunch.”

Phones Don’t Fly

“I was watching a scary movie the other night while I was texting my girlfriend. I didn’t realize she was coming home to surprise me, so when she came through the door, I totally freaked. I screamed and threw my phone, which smacked against the wall. Naturally, the screen cracked.”

“I was fumbling with my phone, my keys, and my coffee in my hands all at the same time. And I dropped the most expensive thing. End of story.”

Do You Have a Smartphone Fail Story?

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