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repair smartphone cameraMany people drop their smartphone, pick it up and breathe a sigh of relief when they don’t see the glass cracked. They don’t think of checking their camera until they go to take a picture and they notice there isn’t something quite right about it.

For some people, they can see a huge crack on their smartphone display. That immediately tells them that the camera is broken. Others may only see haze when they try to take a picture or it doesn’t look clear. These people wonder what’s wrong until they turn their smartphone over and see that there is a crack on their camera.

If one of these situations sounds like you, then you will need to repair your smartphone camera. Unfortunately, there’s no way to repair the crack though. What that means is that a smartphone camera repair really means replacing the camera.

What Our Certified Technicians Do for Smartphone Camera Repair

Our certified technicians will remove the existing camera from the smartphone. They will then install a brand new, high quality camera made especially for your phone. We only use high quality parts, so there is no need to worry that you are getting low grade parts that will fail in a short amount time.

After installing the brand new camera, technicians will test it out to make sure it’s working correctly. This is to ensure that when you get your smartphone back, the camera works as good as new.

This smartphone camera repair (or replacement) is performed within 24 hours of receiving your device. We understand you can’t live without your phone for too long, so we do everything we can to get it back to you.

Stop by our store or mail your device to us. If you mail it in, we recommend the overnight delivery because then you will only be without your phone for one full day. You overnight the phone the first day, we have it the second day and mail it back, and you’ll have it on the third day.

Do you have questions? Feel free to email or call us at the number at the top of the page.

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