Smart covers not aligned due to magnet placement

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Many iPad Air users may have already purchased a case to protect their devices from ending up with a cracked iPad screen if they were dropped. However, some case covers aren't aligning correctly with the new Air because of a magnet issue with the device, GottaBeMobile reported.

According to the source, some iPad Air devices have had the internal magnets installed incorrectly. Therefore, when putting the tablet in cases that have magnets on their covers to protect the screen, they don't line up correctly, leaving a portion of the iPad uncovered and not protected from drops or spills. The problem seems to affect not only Apple's Smart Covers but also third-party offerings, such as those from Logitech.

If someone's iPad Air is experiencing issues with their magnets but he or she doesn't want to trade in the device, there are other protective offerings to prevent the fragile display from cracking. According to Today's iPhone, the company Armorz will be coming out with a new Gorilla Glass covering for both the iPad Air and the iPad mini Retina in the near future called the Stealth Extreme R.

Gorilla Glass, currently used in many smartphones to protect their screens, offers supreme durability while maintaining full display functionality. The Stealth Extreme R is extremely thin and adheres to the iPad screen, making it appear there is no case on the device at all.

“As the mobile accessories industry continues to evolve, quality screen protection is a key component when consumers utilize their crucial mobile devices,” Armorz chief marketing officer Morgan Clancy stated. “Our innovative Stealth Extreme R made of revolutionary Corning Gorilla glass offers users superior screen protection without sacrificing its exciting style features.”

Should any iPad user experience a cracked screen due to a faulty device, send the device into iResQ, where expert technicians handle any iPad repair services.

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