Situations you don’t want to get into with your iPhone 5

iPhone / General Knowledge

What's the only thing more exciting than the iPhone 5? In our mind, nothing! However, every once in a while people get too carried away by the joy of having an iPhone 5 and can find themselves suddenly needing the services of a cell phone repair shop. So we thought we'd put together a list of some things not to do with your iPhone. 


  • Let your friends grab for it. We understand that the iPhone is bright and shiny and therefore eminently grab-able, but resist the urge if you can. For one unlucky Arizona customer, her friend attempting to paw at the device resulted in the Phone needing to be repaired.
  • Drop it on concrete. We were tempted to make this entry “don't drop at all,” but that's just not feasible. However, on the hierarchy of destructive surfaces, concrete is at the very top. Drop your phone on some from even a little bit up and you can all but guarantee a shattered screen, which was the situation that befell a Virginia customer of ours.

Fortunately for these customers, they had us here at iResQ to carry out the repairs. 

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