Simple Phones: Are They Coming Back?

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Remember a few years ago when a phone was just a phone? You know, when Nokia was the phone to have, and Snake was what people played while waiting in line at the checkout counter. Well, as much as you might believe those days are history – those simple phones may be coming back.

According to a video on CNN Money, simple phones may be making a comeback. In 2015, 44 million simple phones were sold. While this only takes up 2% of the market, it’s worth $7 billion. Is this industry going to grow or fizzle out? Many people are saying that it’s going to grow.

This would be great news for Nokia! They just announced they would start to make phones again, as soon as they figure out some details with Microsoft.

So, Why Do People Want Simple Phones?

Simplicity. Many people want to get back to a simpler time when phones were used for….conversation.

With all of the distractions a smart phone ends up causing, it makes sense. Productivity and time increase when you aren’t tied to a smart phone. Stress levels decrease, too. Just imagine not checking Facebook 100 times a day, or email every five minutes. What would you do with that time? People get back to experiencing life, rather than experiencing the technology of their latest iPhone or Android phone.

The simple phone trend goes right along with the Tiny Homes craze. When you have a Tiny Home, you want a simpler way of life. When you have a simple phone, you want a simpler way to communicate.

We Want to Hear from You

What do you think? Will people be able to separate themselves from all of the functionality a smart phone provides? Or will the simple phone just be for those few folks who really just don’t want to deal with the complexities of a smart phone?



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