Should You or Shouldn’t You Repair Your Kid’s Phone?

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iphone screen repairKids are getting phones these days. My daughter got one for Christmas, and she’s 10. I didn’t think she would get one, but I’m thinking parenting is a lot more about making decisions as you go rather than planning what you’re going to do. That’s NOT the point of this article, though. It’s whether or not to repair a kid’s phone.

As a parent, we know kids aren’t the most responsible people. They lose things, they drop things, and they break things. A phone is not immune to this, so what do you do when it happens to your kid’s phone?

Do you repair it and hand it right back over to possibly happen again? Or do you make your kid use it broken and possible cut him or herself on screen’s cracked glass?

It’s a personal decision. Yet, you want to know what other people would do. It’s okay – that’s why millions of parents search the Internet every day. They want to know what other people are doing to confirm their own thoughts.

Personally, I would just get it fixed. Let’s face it – kids aren’t the only ones who break things. We’ve all been guilty of breaking something important – yes, even our phones. What if we couldn’t get ours fixed? What if someone told us we couldn’t get it fixed? It probably wouldn’t make us happy.

Yes, we’re talking about kids here. They don’t get to have the same rights. However, they do experience the same feelings and much more intense than adults at times. To deal with those feeling, I believe you need to teach kids how to problem solve. Something is broken, so let’s fix it.

This doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t make my daughter pay for it. Just like an adult, you have to find a way to pay for that iPhone repair. The first step is to find the least expensive iPhone screen repair service (on iResQ of course), and then you have to find out how to pay for it. Doing more around the house – yes! Using holiday money – yes! Hey, if you break, you pay for it.

Now, what do you all think? Would you fix your kid’s broken iPhone or smartphone?


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