Why You Shouldn’t Let College Kids Repair Your iPad or iPhone

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Many college kids are offering their iPad and iPhone repair services. They claim to be able to replace screens, Home buttons, and more. You should not fall into this offer if you’re solicited. These are reasons to fight the temptation.


These college kids may have fixed a few iPhones, but they are not experienced. If they end up making one mistake, it might be the end of your iPhone. Do you really want to trust someone who has not gone through formal training, has repaired devices under supervision of a highly trained and experienced individual? Probably not.

Low-Quality Parts

Most college students do not care about quality. They will find the cheapest parts possible online to use in your iPhone or iPad. Do you know what that means? Your iPad or iPhone could end up broken in just a few months, or sooner. Why would you want to deal with that headache?

Wait Time

Some students can probably fix your device as you wait, but others have schoolwork and other obligations that will take priority over your device. While he or she may have said you would get your device back repaired quickly, you may just end up waiting much longer.

Owing Something in Return

Do you ever have that feeling you owe someone something? Even if you paid that person, you still feel as though it wasn’t enough? Why do you need that pressure on you? This is especially true if you know the person.

It’s obvious using a college student to repair your iPhone or iPad is not the best choice. Choose iResQ instead. We have certified technicians who have been trained on how to fix anything that could go wrong on a device. We also have a team that works together and can repair more issues within 24 hours.

Contact us today for more information or browse our site for the repair you need.

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