Should You Buy Insurance for a Tablet?

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tablet repairWhen buying any type of electronics, you might at first think you should get insurance for it. However, you need to think twice on this before doing so. There are a few reasons not to get insurance on your electronics. First, think about the premium you have to pay. It could cost you more than the tablet. This is because they usually charge monthly fees plus you will have to pay a deductible if you need a repair job done on your tablet. This could cost more than the electronics you bought. Another reason not to get insurance is because if you never need it repaired, you are still paying the monthly fees for it and for nothing no matter what.

Other Options

The first thing you can do is if you are getting this for your child to go back to school with and the school is paying for it; ask them if there is some kind of warranty that comes with it. Sometimes, there will be a one or two year warranty on electronics from the manufacturer. However, if you neglect it or damage it yourself, the manufacturer warranty won’t cover it. So, be careful to not neglect or damage your electronics and this will work out for you.

You can also check if your homeowners insurance, if you have it, covers electronics too. Most homeowners insurance will cover loss or theft of everything in your home. If this is the case, you won’t need separate insurance for your electronics.

If your homeowners insurance currently doesn’t cover electronics, ask them if they can add them in with the rest of the items in your home. They should allow you to add electronics and this will be cheaper than actual insurance. Make sure that you let them know that it will be your child using the electronic and not you. You should also ask them if there is an excess on the policy if you do make a claim in case your child loses it or damages it and then consider the implications on that.

What many people do is just pay for a repair when there needs to be one. They actually save money this way because the repair often doesn’t cost as much as the deductible or monthly premium for insurance.

As you’re getting your child ready for school, don’t shy away from a tablet to help with his schoolwork. You don’t have to pay for insurance. If you look on our site, you can see that our tablet repair prices are affordable and make more sense when you need a repair versus having insurance.

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