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macbook-repairMany things can happen to an Apple MacBook’s screen. Some people end up cracking it by throwing something at it when they get upset, while others drop it on the floor and the screen shatters. Some people start to see spots on it. There are even people who report that the screen tends to flicker.

While the screen for Apple MacBook is high quality and it tends to be able to withstand quite a bit of abuse, it’s not indestructible or vulnerable to common screen issues. Many people tend to think that their MacBook is toast when they see their screen acting up or shattered, but luckily, that is not the case.

If you buy a new MacBook, you’ll end up paying at least a thousand dollars. Who has money like that to spend?

Instead of using all of your hard earned money on a new computer, we could just fix the screen. You’ll save hundreds of dollars when you choose this option.

Actually, iResQ has a special going on right now. We will replace screen for Apple MacBook for $399.

Isn’t this price much easier to swallow than the $1,000+ you’ll end up dishing out for a new one?

In just a matter of a few days, you’ll have your MacBook back just the way it looked before the screen decided to go haywire or shatter due to no fault of your own, of course.

So what are you waiting for? Get your MacBook packaged up, send it over to us, and let our certified technicians start performing a MacBook screen replacement. We know what we’re doing because we’re trained and experienced in doing them. It beats sitting there dealing with a bad screen or trying to do it yourself, which could lead to a headache, frustration, and a sobering trip to the Apple store to purchase a new one.

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