Why Your School Needs an iPad Repair Program

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ID-10073159Students will be students. When you hand out iPads, they will drop it and throw it. This can make you cringe, especially when you have to pay a deductible to get them repaired when you have insurance. Fortunately, with iResQ, you don’t have to deal with premiums or deductibles – you simply get your iPad repaired and pay for just the work done to it.

We work with many schools across the country. Schools contract with us to send their iPads to us when they need screen repair or other types of repairs. We receive them from the school, repair their within 24 hours, and then return them to the school for distribution to students. We have a no-hassle iPad repair program for schools because we know officials have enough to deal with educating our youth.

How to Get Started with Our iPad Repair Program

You can get started with our 1:1 iPad repair program simply by calling or emailing us. We are always working with schools, so we make the process simple.

Have certain guidelines when working with an iPad repair shop like us? No problem. We have completed proposals, sought business licenses for states, and have gone through lengthy application processes. We don’t mind doing this if it means being able to provide you the service you need to repair your school’s iPads.

If you need to feel better about our services, do not hesitate to read our reviews. You will see that we have a long track record of providing exceptional service to individuals and schools. We do take our repairs seriously, which is why we extensively train our technicians. We make sure they are trained and experience in the repairs they perform. We also only use the highest quality parts possible. That way when your iPads are repaired, they will last. Our guarantee backs up our services with a 30 day return policy and a 90 day warranty policy.

Contact us today for more information about working with us and our iPad repair for schools.

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