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school ipad repairWe have an announcement! A New Mexico school district has chosen us as their go-to school iPad and Macbook repair service. We are now repairing the screens and other problems with their iPads and Macbooks. This is quite an honor as we continue to help schools across the country.

Our press release about this can be read here:

We know the importance of using Apple devices in schools. Children are incredibly technologically advanced. They engage with it and learn better with them.

The problem is that iPads and MacBooks are highly vulnerable to breakage. Cracked screens, damaged internal parts, and many other issues occur and that can stop the learning process. To ensure that students can continue to be educated with modern technology, we are committed to repairing their iPads and MacBooks for a low price with fast turnaround.

iResQ Goes Above and Beyond for iPad Repair and MacBook Repair

New Mexico schools aren’t the only ones we help with their MacBook and school iPad repair. We helps many schools around the nation. Recently, we started working with New Jersey schools. We had to get a business license to do this because of the state’s requirement, but that was okay with us. We had no problem getting that license, and we will do it again.

Interested in iPad and MacBook Repair for Schools in Your District?

Self-insurance is what many schools in the United States are doing because they realize insurance is just too costly. With self-insurance, you only pay for repairs, which are usually much cheaper than monthly premiums and deductibles. Some schools have students’ parents/guardians cover the cost, which also works.

If your schools is interested in working with us, please call us at 888-447-3728. Our 1:1 iPad Repair Service and 1:1 MacBook repair service is discounted.

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