School iPad programs come with increased repair costs

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Schools are enjoying the educational benefits of putting iPads in the hands of students – so much so that analysts have noted the devices are replacing traditional PC sales to schools. The only problem? Kids sometimes break the iPads, costing schools money and saddling administrators with extra duties.

A recent USA Today article reported on iPad implementation in different Wisconsin schools, including Marathon Venture Academy, which loaned out 135 iPads for the 2011-2012 school year. According to the school’s principal, Jeff Reiche, 25 ended up needing repairs, generally due to a cracked screen after the device was dropped.

“There are days when I just deal with repairs,” Reiche told the paper.

The school requires parents to buy insurance for the iPads as a protective measure, and Reiche reported spending significant amounts of time on insurance paperwork.

This program is just one portion of many nationwide school iPad purchases, which Apple has claimed top 2.5 million units.

Some teachers have found the programs also require lots of technical intervention to keep software up-to-date, but USA Today reported that students at Marathon seemed happy with their devices.

For schools considering or implementing a 1:1 iPad program, repairs don’t need to be a headache. With bulk iPad repair from iResQ, it’s easy to keep your school’s program running smoothly.

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