A School iPad Program Deserves Affordable iPad Repairs

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Last year, school iPad programs were implemented across the United States. Administrators and teachers embraced the new technology tool to improve their students’ academic performance, but it wasn’t too long that they started to realize that there may be a problem – repair costs.

The Cost of a School iPad Program

School budgets are often under scrutiny. Teachers want more pay, administrators want more pay, students need newer computers, newer books, and now tablets. A school in Wisconsin spent $850,000 on iPads last year to supply 1,000 students with one. It wasn’t too long that they started to see cracked iPad screens. With iPad screen repairs costing hundreds of dollars through Apple Care and over $250 through third party repair shops, schools like the one in Wisconsin started to get nervous that they might have been over their heads.

While some schools have required parents pay for iPad insurance, not every parent is financial able to do this, which has caused some students not to have a device. This is simply not fair for the student. No student should have to miss using a valuable learning tool because they are not able to afford it. That’s why iResQ wants to help.

How iResQ Can Help with iPad Repairs

At iResQ, we know that schools need to provide their students with the latest in technology. We also know that the latest in technology isn’t the most durable. Students have a tendency to drop electronics, especially those that are expensive. To help schools across the country, iResQ has started teaming up with school tech professionals to lessen the budget problems that iPad repairs cause.

iResQ supports the use of iPads in schools, and we want to work with you on iPad repairs. Contact us today if you are a school official interested in learning about how we can help you with your school’s iPad screen replacement and other repairs.

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