School districts using iPads, MacBook Airs to help kids learn

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Technology is a great way for teachers to connect with students and get them excited about learning. That is why many school districts are allowing students to use Apple devices like the iPad and MacBook Air. According to MBJ contributor Frank Brown, one school district in Mississippi is getting great use out of these devices in the classroom.

The teachers are finding that the applications and programs on both the iPad and MacBook Air are enabling students to become more engaged in their own learning. Kids are using the technology for presentations and videos, making school a much more fun and interactive place.

“They are using their laptops to make PowerPoint presentations to teach a lesson on their science,” Lovett Elementary teacher Ellen Brunson said. “We have also found a Web site that allows students to create games and quizzes in PowerPoint format in order to include an activity to test the students after the lesson. I can't wait to see them teach the class.”

Not only is the technology great to kid gets excited about learning, it also makes resources available to the children at all times. Their computer times is not limited to when a teacher can get a lab signed out. Now, they can learn both in the classroom and outside of it as well.

Apple dominating education market
With all of the school districts looking to leverage technology, many would think that there would be more devices than just Apple products being used. However, as their recently quarterly earnings suggested, devices like the iPad and MacBook are dominating other companies in the education market.

“We had our best education quarter ever. We went over a $1 billion in revenues for the first time ever. We were up strongly year-over-year up 8 percent,” Apple CEO Tim Cook stated. “iPad was up 22 percent year-over-year and the Mac was up 8 percent and as you know the PC market was down 10 percent in the aggregate and likely down even more in education. And so we feel like we're doing great on both fronts, both in the iPad space and in the Mac space for people wanting to buy Mac.”

The most impressive number comes from the education market share of the iPad, which is currently at 94 percent.

If any schools need iPad or MacBook repair services, send those devices into iResQ, which offers a 1:1 repair program to schools for both devices.

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