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Apple's iPad and iPhone are advanced gadgets, capable of doing far more than the average user is likely even aware of. If people are not acting efficiently when using their iPad or iPhone, chances are they are wasting time. Here, we've compiled and outlined a few notable tips for using these devices that could help cut down on wasted time.

Bypass the lock screen
One tip that can reduce the amount of time wasted is to bypass the lock screen to control music or take a picture with the device. CNET's Dennis O'Reilly shared that users can activate the camera without entering the device's code by pressing the camera icon located at the bottom-right corner of the screen; then slide the screen up.

To control music without unlocking the device every time, users can press the home button twice, which will display the name of the current track and allow the user to adjust the volume, go back, pause the song or fast forward.

Granted, it typically does not take the average user more than a few seconds to unlock the screen. However, think about how many times in the day you unlock the screen on your iPhone or iPad. By utilizing these tricks, you can make your days minutes more efficient.

Read web pages more easily
O'Reilly also suggested creating shortcuts for often-visited web pages so no time is wasted navigating through the browser to the site each time a user wants to visit it. In addition, users can press the Reader button located to the right of the URL, which will display page text in a resizable text format, making content easier to read. Also, seeing as many popular sites now offer apps, try downloading the app and getting a more streamlined version of the web page you already love.

Add digital movies to your iPad
While your network may be top-notch, it can often be problematic to stream movies from a hosted site, causing skipping and frozen load screens due to overworked servers and high site volumes. One way to bypass this frustration would be to add digital movies to your iPad for mobile viewing. PadGadget recently provided instructions on how to do this using both physical disks and redemption codes in the iTunes Store. With a redemption code, movies are automatically added to your iPad library upon finishing downloading, which eliminates the need to stream.

The more you use your devices, the more chances you have to break or damage them. To deal with any damage caused to your iPhone or iPad while using them more efficiently, turn to iResQ's iPad repair and iPhone repair services to get things back in working order once more.

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