Samsung to replace swelling batteries

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There have been numerous recent reports about Samsung Galaxy batteries in both the S3 and S4 devices swelling, posing many potential issues. This has caused many users to send their phones back to the company. According to Trusted Reviews, the company will be offering free replacement batteries for customers who have the issue.

Having only been out six months, many problems around the globe regarding Samsung Galaxy battery life and swollen batteries has caused concerns , especially with how quickly the degradation has occurred. This is why Samsung has decided to offer new batteries free of charge.

“We ask all affected customers to please visit their nearest Samsung Electronics service center, where they can receive a replacement battery for free of charge,” a company spokesman told Trusted Reviews. “We remain committed to providing the best possible user experience for our customers.”

There are many health risks that surround these swollen batteries. International Business Times discussed a few of these issues that have occurred with these batteries bursting.

For example, a man caught on fire when the battery overheated and ignited, which caused second-degree burns. According to officials, the battery had come out of the phone before it incinerated. The health risks come from how the batteries are made. They are made out of Lithium ion, which have been known to overheat and can cause burns when it comes in contact with skin.

If any users have experienced  issues with a Samsung Galaxy battery, such as swelling, bursting or battery drain, they should send their phone to iResQ, where their expert technicians can take care of any smartphone repair.

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