Samsung Offers One Time Screen Replacement

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For people who purchase the new Samsung phones between September 21st and October 21st, Samsung is giving them a free one-time screen replacement under their “Nevermind” policy. Basically, if you purchase their new Note, 8, or S8 between those dates, you can have the screen replaced if you drop it and it breaks.

The Nevermind Policy: What’s Going On?

Let’s think about this for a minute:

Samsung is offering screen replacement for up to 12 months after purchase. This means that they are willing to swallow the cost of replacement screens for those who break their screen. This isn’t something that many companies do frivolously since that can be a great expense.

So, why have they done this?

They have a lot of catching up to do with all of the mess they went through with the battery explosion crisis they went through. They also need to get people to trust their products enough that they will buy them again. Letting people know if they break their screen in the first 12 months may just make Samsung breathe a sigh of relief.

Getting a Screen Replacement Later On

But what happens after that 12 month period or for all those people who have already bought the new device or will buy the device after the promotion? They will either need to pay for insurance to then pay a high deductible to get it fixed, or use a third party phone repair service like iResQ.

Our techs are working hard on getting ready to accommodate Samsung 8 and Note users who crack their screens, need battery replacement, or other repairs that seem to plague all mobile devices in some way.

Don’t worry if you don’t make the promotion or you break your screen more than once if you do take advantage of Samsung’s Nevermind policy. iResQ is always here to help you with any and all of your mobile repairs.

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