Samsung Note 6 Release Information

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Samsung Note 6 may not be Note 6…it may be Note 7. That’s the rumor out right now.

The rumor says that Samsung believes releasing a Note 6 may make it seem as though it is not a new model since their smartphones are already on the number 7. Right now, Samsung has the Galaxy 7 and Galaxy 7S. With the Note coming out as a 6, they may be worrying consumers will think it’s behind the Galaxy 7 rather than after it.

No matter what the smartphone is called, it will be a complete redesign from the Note 5, which was not as well received as the Note 4. Most consumers are seeking a removable battery like the one in the Note 4. The screen is expected to be curved like the Galaxy 7, which was something that many users enjoy right now. Other advancements include improved processing speed, better picture taking, and multitasking.

The expected release date has been moved up to mid-August. It seems Samsung wants to beat out iPhone 7 – it’s biggest rival. With the iPhone 7 expected to be released in the fall, Samsung wants to entice Apple fans to switch over to the Android side with their new features on the Note 7.

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