Samsung links up with Kindle

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According to TechCrunch, Samsung is joining forces with Amazon's Kindle to offer a version of the popular e-reading program that will be available to Galaxy users. The technology will come in the form of an app, Kindle for Samsung. Its description on the Amazon site states that the Samsung app will offer all the features regular Kindle users are accustomed to, including access to a library of millions of books, 1.3 million of which are available for download for the price of $4.99 or less.

This partnership is interesting considering that the two companies are generally thought of as rivals. But the pairing points to Samsung's desire to give its users the fullest range of functionality possible. 

For Galaxy users, this new app will surely mean more time spent on Samsung devices, particularly as the spring climate facilitates exactly the kind of weather that's conducive to afternoons of e-reading. However, voracious readers must be careful if they're taking their Galaxy device to the beach to read. Unlike paperback books, Galaxy products will experience problems stemming from water contact, perhaps even warranting a trip to a Samsung repair center.

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