Samsung Galaxy S7 – Harder to Repair then iPhone 6S

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samsung galaxy s7There’s been some media attention surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S7 repairability. It recently received a score of 3/10. This is much lower than the 7/10 the iPhone 6S received.

We tend to be skeptical of reports such as these because it really does have to do with the level of skill a technician has when repairing smartphones/iPhones.

Some of the reasons that the repairability score is so low for the Samsung Galaxy S7 are as follows:

Battery Replacement

Since the back panel is secured with tough adhesive and is glued, it can make removing the battery from the Samsung Galaxy S7 more difficult. It’s not impossible, though.

USB Replacement

The display has to be removed to get to the USB port. It’s going to take very skillful fingers to get that off without breaking it, but it can be done.

More Likely to Crack

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is said to be more like to crack. It’s highly unlikely Samsung would have done this, since their previous models weren’t as vulnerable.

As we see from these reasons, the Samsung Galaxy S7 shouldn’t be as difficult as other repair places are making it out to be. Our technicians are already working on how to repair the new smartphone to keep it as affordable as possible. In just a bit of time, we are confident we will have the knowledge and skill to repair all of the parts of the Samsung Galaxy S7 as we have done with all other smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, etc.

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