Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Repair Services Now Available

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samsung galaxy s6 screen repairLast month, Samsung lovers rejoiced because the new smartphone was released. Those wanting a smartphone that was smaller than the others offered in the latest release chose the Samsung Galaxy S6 over the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

While the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a durable smartphone that can probably withstand most drops, it’s not invincible. There’s still a great chance that the screen can become cracked when it lands just the wrong way.

So that you know that you don’t have to go far if this situation were to happen, we wanted to let you know that we are now ready to perform Samsung Galaxy S6 screen repairs. Our certified technicians have already had their hands on the smartphone, removed the screen, and installed a brand new one in its place. Yes, we also already have the high-quality screens that we need to perform the repairs.

As much as we do not want you to drop your phone, it does happen. If it ends up shattering your Samsung Galaxy S6 screen, you know you can get it repaired within 24 hours with iResQ.

If you chose the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or the new Note, we are ready to do the screen repairs on those as well. We work hard to get what we need as soon as devices are releases because we know that as soon as you walk away from the store or take it out of the box, there’s a chance you are going to need our Samsung Galaxy repair services.

Check back with us as the phone and phablet get older. We add repair services for the Samsung Galaxy as needed for battery replacement, charging port replacement, and more.

If you ever have any questions concerning your device, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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