Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 set for mid-Feb. debut

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Office Depot is helping debut Samsung's newest tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is an Android tablet. As its name suggests, its screen size is 12.2 inches, two inches larger than its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 10.1. Though it's not set for actual release until Feb. 13, Office Depot is currently accepting pre-orders on its website. The $850 price tag came as a shock to some media outlets, including Android Police, which marveled that the device cashes in at a price more than $300 beyond the Note 10.1.

Unique features highlight the Pro
But the product description on Office Depot's site provides some idea of why the Note Pro comes at a steeper price. Apart from its 64GB of storage and 3GB memory, the Pro enables wireless data transfers with other Bluetooth devices up to 30 feet away. Also, there are cameras on the front and back, and the sophistication of its processing system makes it easy to videoconference at the same time that you're taking pictures. The extra two inches may be particularly appealing for businesses with a bring-your-own-device policy, since the added screen size will enable employees to easily develop PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets on the go.  

Engadget recently reported on the unique features of the Note Pro. Here are some of the notable ones they listed:

1. Customizable screen panels allow you to organize the different spheres for which the device is used. With separate panels for office, personal use and social media, the device helps organize your life without you having to do much.

2. Multiple windows (up to four at once) permit the kind of multitasking that's central to personal computing. Watch a YouTube video at the same time you prepare that data set for presentation in Excel without worrying that you're overtaxing the device. And with the additional screen space, multiple windows won't appear crowded. This will create a more cohesive user experience that will be especially helpful for businesses.

3. Drag and drop feature in the device's user interface allows you to easily transfer files between the Pro and your computer without the need for a third-party package. 

As with all devices, the Note Pro will be susceptible to damage if not cared for properly. Make sure all your Samsung repair needs are met to ensure the optimal use of your device.

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