Samsung Galaxy mini model hits Netherlands shelves

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In the technological realm a good thing must be milked for all it's worth. Not that customers tend to complain about that. Just look at sales records for the iPad Mini or the iPad Air. Customers love modifications as much as companies love to modify. Such was the case with the Samsung Galaxy S3, which began flying off shelves upon its release. Seventeen months ago, Samsung released a mini version of the S3 which also saw considerable success. And now the mobile giant is at it again with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Value Edition, available in the Netherlands, according to Ubergizmo.

The new model features an updated handset and dual-core processor, according to International Business Times. Its 1GB of RAM and 8GB storage capacity is geared toward mobile operations on a budget. However, despite already being available in the Netherlands, there is no word yet about its availability in the United States or other markets. With the decrease in size comes an increase in transportability. However, it is important that users of the Mini not get careless or they could find themselves dropping their smartphone and requiring a Samsung phone repair.

In fight for popularity, a close race between Apple and Samsung
The announcement of its Mini model suggests Samsung is doing well. And that is true – except that it is still lagging slightly behind its main competition in other parts of the globe. According to The National, Apple's iPhone 5 has come out on top as the most popular smartphone in the United Arab Emirates, followed shortly after by the S3.

“The figures show the iPhone 5 – a premium device – is the most popular single model,” said Informa Telecoms & Media analyst Matthew Reed. “But it's likely that the increasing availability of more affordable smartphones is also contributing to the rising smartphone take-up.”

In the UAE market, Apple and Samsung products have far eclipsed models made by other manufacturers. Once-popular names like Nokia and Blackberry are witnessing a decline in popularity, a fact perhaps attributable to their failure to keep up with the innovations of companies like Apple and Samsung.

Perhaps releasing the new S3 Mini Value Edition in the UAE could give Samsung the boost it needs to catch up to Apple. Either way, users of both devices from both companies need to make sure their maintenance needs are met at a cell phone repair shop.

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