Samsung Announces Note 8 and Galaxy S8 with Special Upgrade Offer

Samsung Galaxy Note Repair Service / Samsung Galaxy Note Repair Service

samsung noteWith the exploding Note 7, many people thought Samsung was on a slippery slope with its reputation. The next thing we know, they recall 2.8 million of their washing machines. That’s not good.

Samsung is not having a good 2016, but the question is, will they recover in 2017?

Samsung seems positive about it. They do not (as of this writing) have any plans on letting go of their Note series. They just announced they will have a Note 8 and Galaxy S8 in 2017. It’s likely because they have already started production on it, so why back track now?

What’s great about this – and makes those of us who are Samsung lovers – is they plan on offering special upgrades to the flagships.

The announcement was delivered in Korean, but from translation, it seems as though people who purchased the Note 7 will be able to get the Note 8 with payment installments and at a reduced cost.

Since Samsung Note 8 users had to turn in their devices, this possible upgrade special is only for those who to go with the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge after returning their unit.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

The only snag in this is that this special may not be making it internationally. This was only revealed in South Korea. The expiration date is November 30, 2016. If the offer does go internationally, the United States will likely hear about it in December.

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