Sales of iPad equal more than 10 percent of US population

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The tablet market in the United States has been a one-horse race for a while, but newly released figures show just how much Apple has lapped the competition. Computerworld reports that court documents have revealed that Apple has sold 34 million units of the iPad in the States since its launch, which is equal to one of every nine U.S. residents. For those who have purchased one of these tablets, iPad repair can keep the device going for a long time, which could bring down new sales figures – although you might not want to bet on that.

So far, Apple has earned $19 billion in revenue from the iPad, besting the Samsung Galaxy tablet by a large margin, as the court documents show that the Galaxy only has brought in revenue of $644 million after selling 1.4 million units.

“The weakest quarter for the iPad was the first quarter of last year when sales hit 1.9 million units,” Computerworld said. “Strongest sales came in the last three months of last year, right before the end-of-year sales period and after Apple launched new models of the iPad. Sales during the period were just under 6 million units.”

According to The New York Times, iPhone sales are on the rise as well, with July sales up more than 28 percent compared with a year prior. Whether you're one of the many people who have embraced the iPad or are among those driving iPhone sales up this summer, you can rest easy knowing that experts in iPad and iPhone repair can be called on if anything goes awry with the device.

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