Safety first when using Apple gadgets

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It's easy to send in an Apple device for iPod repair. It's hard to fix some other problems that may occur if these devices are used recklessly. Australian news source ABC News reports that a man was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving after he crashed a trailer towing building materials while trying to change songs on his iPod. This is an important reminder that safety ALWAYS comes first – and not just to keep your MP3 player or tablet in working order.

Phsy.Org reports on a study out of Drexel University, which was written by professor of computer science Dario Salvucci. He tested a group of 12 people who said they have used an iPod. These participants were asked to play three types of iPod media and were tested as to how much they paid attention to a song, video or podcast while in a driving simulator. About 84 percent paid attention to and understood the content, the study showed.

“These findings serve as a first step toward understanding the potential effects of portable music-player interaction on driver behavior and performance,” said Salvucci, according to the news source. “Surprisingly, despite the plethora of research on driver distraction, there have been no studies to date of how interaction with a portable music player may affect driver performance.”

This study also found that selecting a song affected driving performance, selecting media affected the vehicle speed and watching videos affected the speed at which a car was followed. The study provides some hard numbers to keep in mind when behind the wheel.

While you should never use iPods recklessly, they can be damaged even in the course of regular usage, if you drop them, spill something on them, or otherwise experience an unfortunate accident. For these situations, you can turn to iPod repair to restore access to your favorite tunes, podcasts and other media.

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