Running a small business? There’s an app for that

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Although many people use their iPad just for fun and entertainment, the tablet can really help a small business owner thrive, according to USA Today. One analyst cited by the news source said that 72 percent of companies that have tablets are using the iPad, which has the largest number of productivity apps for a tablet. Businesses that happen to break their prized device can look to iPad repair to get back on track.

“Apple has been pushing the iPad's business virtues and along the way trying to woo the small-business crowd with some of its own apps,” the news source said. “Most notably, there's the optional iWork suite consisting of iPad versions of the Numbers spreadsheet, Pages word processor and Keynote presentation program, each $9.99.”

USA Today said companies are also turning to the iPad for communication purposes, using them for things like IP telephony and ecommerce management. Files can also be stored on clouds and accessed on the iPad, which makes them almost invaluable for business owners on the go.

With a device that is so important, a company can be seriously impacted by a breakage or malfunction. Small business owners can turn to iResQ for iPad repair if a problem does arise. Issues such as a broken home screen button, cracked glass and more can be quickly fixed and the device can be quickly delivered back to the company.

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