Rumor: New MacBook Air Is Coming

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Hello there Back Office Blog fans! I hope all is well with you out there. Well, we have been repairing a TON of MacBooks lately. It seems like just about everybody that owns an Apple computer has a MacBook. And I don’t blame ’em. I’ve got one myself and I love it. I have had my MacBook for just about 4 years now and have had nothing go wrong with it (knock on wood). I haven’t had to do much with it to keep it running smoothly either. Imagine that, I have had the computer for about 4 years now and haven’t needed to re-install the operating system. I remember back in the day when I owned a PC and had to reinstall Windows at least once a year….and I took care of my PC; always had the latest antivirus and spyware software installed and updated. It just seemed like the OS would eventually just go bad. Don’t get me wrong, I think Windows is a great OS, its just not for me. And I can’t speak for the newer Window’s OS’s (Vista and 7) because I have been strictly Mac for a long time now. But, I digress. Im here to talk to you about a couple of pretty cool things here in Apple land.

First off, according to this article from Crunch Gear, rumors are that Apple will be releasing a new and improved MacBook Air. The article mentions that the MacBook Air Display will likely shrink down to 11.6 inches. Wow. The smallest Apple Notebook is getting even smaller. I guess this is in line with the current netbook craze. A lot of people want tiny computers these days. Boy, we have come a long way with computers. Take a look at this vintage gem:

Next, we have a deal for you! As I mentioned before, we are repairing more MacBooks than ever. So we stocked up on parts for some of the more popular repairs. Screens, top cases (keyboards), and bezels. Whats that? Don’t know what the bezel is? Well, take a look at the screenshot below.

The bezel is the the plastic “border”, if you will, around the screen. This part tends to break pretty easily, and when it breaks or cracks it looks bad. So, we are offering a special price for this repair. We have lowered the MacBook bezel screen repair price to $29 from $49. If you have a cracked or broken bezel, now is the perfect time to get it repaired before school starts. And if you are in a crunch for time, no worries, we will have your MacBook repaired and shipped out to you the same day we receive it.

Additionally, check out some of our customer testimonials here on our site or here in Google. We take pride in our customer service and these reviews attest to that. We know its frustrating when you break your beloved Apple device so we make things as easy, informative, and quick as possible.

Well, thats all I have for now. I hope everyone out there has a wonderful day!


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