Retrieving stolen iPhone takes a brutal turn

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Many people get their Apple devices stolen every day. Recently, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg went so far as to blame the city’s increase in overall crime rate on iPhone thefts, as 40 percent of all robberies occurring there now involving smartphones.

The Daily Mail recently reported that one 26-year-old construction worker from San Diego, Kenneth Schmidgall, decided to apprehend his iPhone thief himself. Schmidgall’s device was stolen while he was at a reggae concert on December 28. After making several attempts to get his phone back by calling it , he launched the “Find My iPhone” app and went after the thief using the device’s GPS.

Once Schmidgall and a friend, Greg Torkelson, found the iPhone thief, the thief reportedly hit Schmidgall in the face while holding a rock in his hand. The two then fought for about 18 minutes until Torkelson intervened by pepper-spraying the phone thief. The pair then attempted to make a citizen’s arrest, and they were assisted by an off-duty police officer, who helped pin the man down until the appropriate authorities arrived.

Schmidgall indicated that after the tussle, he was left with a few scratches and a cut on his lip. If his device suffered any similar damage during the tete-a-tete, iResQ’s iPhone glass repair services can get it back in fine shape quickly.

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