Retail, customer service and more are ready for iPad mini

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The iPad is already a hit among business users, with 31 percent of small business owners claiming that they use Apple’s tablets for various tasks, according to a recent study from iYogi. TechCrunch writer Darrell Etherington speculated that the iPad mini might make even more business sense in retail, customer service and industrial applications.

“The iPad mini is a near ideal device for inconspicuous installation in kiosk and self-serve terminal applications,” Etherington wrote.

He explained that the iPad mini fits right into an existing software ecosystem that is already full of enterprise and small business solutions. Apps such as Square and Revel can be deployed on the mini immediately, meaning minimal change for businesses that already have a stake in the Apple platform.

Etherington specifically highlighted the value of the device’s lighter weight and cheaper cost in a business environment. He noted that professionals who carry devices around will appreciate the added portability and that, while the $70 price difference between the mini and the iPad 2 may seem minor, the savings can be significant over a large device deployment.

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