Restaurants embrace iPads for training, menus and more

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If you’re increasingly unsure whether the word “apps” refers to the iOS variety or restaurant appetizers, your life is about to get more confusing. Burger chain Red Robin recently announced a move to deploy 1,700 iPads across its locations, while restaurants such as Philadelphia’s Le Bec Fin are adopting iPad menus.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Red Robin has so far adopted iPads in 55 restaurants for hosts to run a wait list application. The company also plans to deploy 1,000 iPads with interactive training apps for cooks, bartenders and servers. Using a cloud provider and mobile device management software, Red Robin can also push updates to the iPads whenever the company needs to do so. Company CIO Chris Laping told the Wall Street Journal he hopes the move will appeal to employees in their twenties, helping with recruitment and retention.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that fine dining restaurant Le Bec Fin recently began handing out leather-bound iPads containing menus, making it the first high end restaurant in the Philadelphia area to do so. The move allowed the restaurant to ditch paper and improve menu customization, according to the Inquirer.

For restaurants or foodies whose iPads have been the subjects of a dining accident during a busy meal, iResQ’s iPad repair services are the perfect menu item to get the device working again.

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