Researchers reveal technology that could double smartphone battery life

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Most of us have faced the frustration of an iPhone battery dying seemingly when we need it most. While Apple has made great strides in improving battery life, it’s hard not to wish our phones could last even longer without a charge.

Researchers at Massachusetts startup Eta Devices recently announced that they have found a way to cut smartphone battery consumption in half, TechRadar reported. Currently, smartphone batteries rely on a power amplifier chip that converts electricity into radio signals and maintains the phone’s network connection. Power amplifiers use around 65 percent of a phone’s power and cause phones to heat up when handling large amounts of data.

The technology from Eta Devices, which is called asymmetric multilevel outphasing, improves the efficiency of the power amplifier chip, potentially doubling battery life. TechRadar noted that efficiency gains in power use could also lead to advances in computing and display strength in smartphones.

Reviewers such as AllThingsD’s Walt Mossberg have noted that the iPhone 5 battery lasts between 9 and 12 hours under mixed use – a full day for most people. Future iPhone users may soon be able to count on going days without charging.

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