Report shows three quarters of recycled iPhones are broken

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While the sight of a broken iPhone rarely fazes us here at iResQ, it appears to send many people looking for the recycle bin. Data from electronics recycling company ecoATM shows 76 percent of iPhones they received were broken, according to VentureBeat.

Of all the brands users recycled with ecoATM, Apple topped the list. The iPhone maker was also the brand with the most broken devices. VentureBeat noted that this does not mean that Apple devices are easier to break than other smartphone or music players on the market, but it does show that broken iPhones are a common problem.

This is not entirely surprising news. A SquareTrade study recently found that iPhone damage has cost Americans $5.9 billion since 2007.

Fortunately, breaking your iPhone does not mean that you have to recycle it. Most issues are easily fixed with our iPhone repair services here at iResQ, including cracked screens, broken buttons and dead batteries. With our free diagnostics, it’s worth seeing if your device can be fixed. Since we’re committed to helping the environment, we recycle old parts and batteries, and we’ll recycle your device for you if it’s beyond saving. You can also request an offer from iResQ to sell us your used Apple products.

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