Replacing a Power Button? Yep, We Can Do That.

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We are more than happy to replace a power button on one of your Apple devices, whether it’s an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod. We have plenty of expertise in fixing this problem and in getting customers their devices back with a quick turnaround time.

How Do I Know I Need a Power Button Replacement?

Power buttons on Apple products are pretty durable. After all, we press and hold them down every time we want to turn off our device. However, those who use these buttons a lot find that they wear out quickly sometimes or that they experience problems with them. Even those who don’t turn off their iPhones often can sometimes complain of problems with their power buttons. Here’s how you know it might be time to have that button replaced.

  • The power button is sticky and won’t work smoothly when pressed.
  • The power button becomes stuck in either the pressed or unpressed position.
  • The power button is displaced from where it should sit on your phone.
  • The power button becomes disconnected and doesn’t work at all.

Can’t I Replace My Power Button Myself?

Although this is an option than many YouTube life hackers would be happy to demonstrate for you, fixing your own power button can be risky. First of all, you put yourself in danger of short circuiting your entire phone, even if you generally know what you’re doing. Second of all, you could potentially hurt yourself while replacing a power button, which is never a good idea.

Finally, replacing a power button yourself is extremely intricate work and requires specific tools, not random items that happen to be lying around your house. If you attempt to fix your power button in this way, you will absolutely increase your chances of messing up your phone. What’s more, if you do buy the tools you would need, it would probably cost you more to fix the problem yourself than to bring it to us.

Let Us Fix Your Power Button

Your Apple device’s power button is a small, intricate part of your device that is also heavily wired to the rest of it. As such, a mistake could be serious. That’s why you want to ask professionals for help. We would be more than happy to take a look at your device and to provide you with a free diagnostic test. Afterward, we will do our best to get the device back to you within 24 hours.

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