Repairing the iPhone 6 By Yourself

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We recently found a news article that leads people to a website where you can download a guide for repairing your iPhone 6. The guide instructs you on how to repair your rear and front facing camera, power button, volume button, and more. This excites many people, especially those looking for a way to save money. The unfortunate thing is that it really leads them to spending much more money.

We know we are an iPhone repair shop, and our business is based on how fixing people’s phones, tablets, etc., but we really want to urge people not to repair their devices themselves. We know that it seems like a great idea. We know that, but it’s really the worst idea.

Why You Shouldn’t Repair an iPhone Yourself

iPhone, iPads, and all other devices are highly complex. It’s why tech developers and manufactures get paid a lot of money. They must manufacture devices that will function in the way that developers are instructing them. It takes people with a lot of intelligence to do that.

Of course, when devices are put together, many people believe they can take it apart and put it back together easily. The development is already done, so all that people think they have to do is copy what was already thought of… That’s what people “think” though. It’s not that simple.

How do we know? We train our technicians for weeks. And we make them repair different parts of iPhones for even more weeks before we let them repair our customers’ devices. It takes that long to ensure they know what they are doing.

Do you really want to use your precious iPhone as a guinea pig to train yourself on how to fix it? We have people who know the ins and outs of repairing devices teach our new technicians, you’ll have….well, a guide.

What Could Happen to Your iPhone?

You could try to fix your iPhone, but what if you put it back together and then it doesn’t turn on? What will you do? It will be a brick.

What happens if you can’t put it back together? How will you use it?

We’ve seen it before. People send us devices all of the time because they tried to fix them. The cost of putting them together is much higher than what it would have cost them if they had just sent it to us to begin with for the original repair.

For some people, devices are unrepairable. While this is rare, it does happen if the damage costs more than the cost of buying a new one.

When you consider these results, you have to ask yourself, “Am I really saving money fixing my iPhone myself?”

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