Repaired iPad 3rd Generation

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The new iPad is fixed
iPad 3 after the repair

As mentioned earlier today, we have been receiving quite a few broken 2012 iPads and we have more on the way. In my last blog post, I showed you one of the broken iPads. Well as promised we have the “after repair” shot to the right. Nic, one of our professional iPad techs, had the pleasure of working on this beauty.  He got it done quick too!

We are seeing more new iPads come in than expected so we are stocking up on as many replacement glass screens/digitizers as we can in order to keep up with the crazy demand.  Give us a call if you have any questions about your new iPad repair or if you don’t see a repair that you think you need.

In other iPad news, have you been keeping up with the whole over-heating issue that some users are experiencing with the  new iPad?  Apparently Apple stated that the new iPad operates within their heat specifications.  This sounds like Apple sees no issue with this.  As a matter of fact, that article mentions that this is only reported to happen to some users and under some specific circumstances.  Maybe this is blowing up more than it should.  It seems like no matter how great a product is, people are always going to find something to complain about.


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